Mountain Plumbing Products

Platform Development, Print Design, Web Design
About This Project

Mountain Plumbing Products is a leading manufacturer of plumbing parts & accessories, water filters, waste disposers, instant hot water tanks, and water chillers. In 2013, they made the decision to completely overhaul their branding and marketing materials for both digital and print media. Partnering with us, we set out to solidify their brand’s position in the marketplace with new vigor.


To accomplish this, we started with their digital presence and redesigned the Mountain Plumbing website from the ground up. We built upon our Online Showroom Tour Platform with additional customizations to cater to the business efficiency needs of a project so large. In addition to the new web presence, we designed their 2014 and 2015 price catalog from scratch. To better connect Mountain Plumbing’s products to the people and projects they’re involved with, we structured the catalog to put the products in more context by using “Fixture Planning Diagrams”. Through these, we were able to create a print catalog that not only improved sales, but also educated salespeople merely by using the catalog.